Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

We provide quality carpet cleaning with our state of the art truck-mounted equipment. Our equipment is more powerful than any other local service's. We always treat your furnishings with special care. We specialize in doing the job right the first time, but sometimes spots can come back. Because of this, we offer you a 30 day guarantee. Call us back to your home during this period and we will provide touch-ups for no extra charge! Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly, non toxic and non-fuming. Most customers tell me it smells "Nice" when I'm cleaning. You get the choice from us using our regular conventional products or we can use 100% pure "green cleaner".

Area Rugs

area-rugsArea rugs need special care, often they need to be departiclized, deodorized, decontaminated, peroxided, cleaned and specially groomed several times, and   inspected after drying.   Also extra attention is given to the fringes to make them come out clean and white for you.    After all care has been given to cleaning,   they must be properly dried and pre-inspected   before returning to the customer. Because of this, we need to take area rugs back to the shop to clean. Cleaning done at the shop is called  "In-plant"   cleaning. Our new shop has been specially redesigned and renovated specifically for the purpose of area rug cleaning!  We are trained and experienced with all types of area rugs including nylon,  polyester, olefin, wool and silk.


Pickup and Delivery

Outside of Meaford Town limits: $30.00
Within Meaford Town limits:        $20.00

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

With Hot Water Steam Extraction

For initial cleanings where there is a lot of soil, you want hot water extraction. This is the most effective way to wash and extract all soil from the carpets. On heavily soiled carpet, after a good "steam cleaning" you can consider regular maintenance cleanings with encapsulation which is faster, less intrusive, and more cost effective.


With Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Encapsulation has advanced tremendously over the years and has now captured the attention of any serious carpet cleaning professional. The benefits are extremely fast dry times, far less intrusion (no hoses or roaring machine), super quiet, faster, and more economical. Encapsulation can be used for cleaning residential carpet or even area rugs, but its true calling is with large commercial buildings, apartment complexes, hospitals, or anywhere that a regular steam cleaning setup would be inaccessible or not as practical. encapsulation cleaning yields excellent results on light to medium soiled carpets. Some will argue that it can even handle heavy soils, but we recommend an initial hot water extraction to effectively remove heavy soils before starting an encapsulation maintenance program. Pricing for commercial work is similar to our regular pricing, except that there are greater discounts and incentives for regular maintenance programs. We can explain all the great options when we come to estimate your property maintenance.