Hard Flooring

Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing

(Choose from three options to suit your needs)


  1. Clean Grout as Best as Possible. This yields excellent results but there may still be some staining or discoloration in certain areas such as the base of the toilet.
  2. Clean, then Seal the Grout with a Clear Sealer. This helps to prevent the grout from getting dark and dirty again over time. However, clear sealer will not hide areas with permanent staining.
  3. Clean, and Colorseal. This is the ultimate treatment for your grout. After cleaning, the grout is treated with a synthetic coloured sealant that bonds and protects grout for years to come. With the added ability to color the sealant to any color of your choice, you can choose your perfect decor and always have perfectly coloured grout.

Hardwood Flooring



VCT Strip N Wax

We do quite a number of facilities VCT maintenance on a regular basis. The process includes complete stripping and cleaning and 2 coats of high traffic floor finish.